Wall Mural in san antonio

Wall murals and wallpaper are both chic, creative ways to completely renovate your office space. Both equally add the same illustration awareness, deepness, touch, and color to any area. So, what exactly is the difference between wall murals and wallpapers? At Signs of San Antonio, we believe that both these terms are repeatedly used conversely. Nonetheless, there are slight differences between the two. Do you think it’s time for a new wall mural or you want to makeover your space? Does your office currently have wallpaper, and today you likely sigh at the amount of effort needed to get rid of it? We believe that modern wall murals are not like the past glued-on-forever wallpapers that so many people remember and fear. Today the new technology and superior materials make removing wall murals easy and cost-effective. One can be relieved from the pressures of scraping, steaming, damaged walls, etc.


Let’s find out the beauty of wallpaper and wall murals and discover the resemblance and differences between them.




Wall Murals


Wallpaper is embossed or surface prints. Wall Murals are digital prints from high-quality photography.


These are Non-Customizable. These can be customizable and can use any high-quality image or revise an existing style to fit your space’s needs.


These are used either as a feature wall, all over the area, or together with complementary papers. These are unique, less repetitive, or larger repeats.


In wallpapers, the depth is created during 2-dimensional prints/textures. In-wall murals, the depth is created during 3-dimensional snap-shooting.


Wallpapers are created in large quantities. Wall murals in San Antonio are individually produced and printed like a piece of artwork.


Sold as double roll wallpapers (at the Walls Republic) or single roll (other makers) These are sold by panels.


Well, wallpaper and wall murals aren’t very different; both wall coverings add a definite wow factor and add some great style to any space. Nevertheless, given the advantages of wall murals, it’s safe to say that wall murals in San Antonio are the best alternative compared to wallpaper.

One significant distinction between wallpaper and wall murals is the kind of material used to create them. Both wall murals and wallpaper can be made using several materials. At Signs of San Antonio, we use adhesive-backed 3M vinyl which adheres to almost any wall, including turns and bends. 


One thing to make a note of about applying a wall mural is that you can DIY, but if you leave the job to the professionals of Signs of San Antonio, you are guaranteed to expect improved results alongside a professional touch. Wallpaper and murals are both professionally applied. Our experts can quickly transform any boring area into a full-color masterpiece of photographic engravings. With our services, you can perfectly convert your corporate walls into large-format displays.

If your business’s reception room or lobby needs a perfect makeover, you can give it some life/zest by adding an eye-grabbing wall mural. We also specialize in large-format printing, including large wall mural printing. We will help you create an attractive and eye-catching mural that’s custom-designed for your business. To learn more, call us on (210) 654-7575 today!