coroplast signs

Plastic sheeting materials have many names like corrugated plastic, cor-plastic, and Coroplast. Considering its unique blend of durability, the corrugated plastic board is a prevalent choice for short-term signage and containers. If you consider using coroplast signs in an upcoming project, this article will help you understand everything you need to know about this highly versatile material.


What is Coroplast?

Corrugated plastic boards are made from thin, polypropylene plastic substrate layers and are essentially plastic cardboards. The product consists of a zig-zagged layer of plastic wedged between two smooth layers of plastic sheeting, also known as twin-wall plastic sheeting. Coroplast’s layered composition makes corrugated plastic incredibly featherweight as well as a shock absorbent.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Coroplast Signs?


Coroplast is a distinctive blend of pliable, durable, economical, and weightless; this amalgamation makes it highly versatile such that it can be in various projects and displays.


  • Durability:

     Even though coroplast board is not indestructible and is not intended to be displayed forever, it can survive harsh beatings of the sun, rain, and even human handling before showing any signs of aging. This fact may come as a shock, but Coroplast’s are also impervious to damages caused by insects and rodents.


  • Economical:

     Coroplast is an uncomplicated and affordable process that does not require highly specialized equipment to print and cut on to, making it the market’s most economical material for outdoor display.


  • Lightweight:

    You unquestionably will not have to be concerned about the wall collapsing or anyone physically hurting themselves due to some mishaps as transporting, distributing, and displaying Coroplast is complication-free.


  • Pliability:

     Most individuals worry about the material’s flexibility; that is no question for coroplast signs. Coroplast is strong enough to lay flat on its own but malleable enough to bend, cut, staple, and even punch holes in it for the grommet. 


One of the benefits is that you get the same quality of sign no matter what shape, size, color, or design you choose.


How/Where, Are Coroplast Signs Used?

You can use Coroplast yard signs in all kinds of places, industries, types of businesses, all for top-level signage perks and visibility. There’s no shortage of convenience with applying and using these signs. The usage is endless, from real estate listing yard signs to neighborhood entrance signs, a fun wall art decor sign, and even medical center directional signs or parking signs. Coroplast has many different applications; while most individuals may be unfamiliar with coroplast signs, they most likely come across Coroplast daily. Some common uses for the material include:


  • Lawn signs: Yard or lawn signs promoting a candidate or an open house are made from Coroplast.
  • Boxes and crates: Storage containers and packages designed for transporting items are made of Coroplast. You have probably seen mail carriers carting around coroplast boxes full of mail and packages. 
  • Billboards: Due to its weather resistance nature, you may notice that several billboards are made of Coroplast. 
  • Food packaging: Coroplast is frequently used for packaging fruits and vegetables from farmers and vendors.
  • Dividers: The dividers that separate objects in packages are usually made of Coroplast.
  • Industrial use: Coroplast also has industrial applications, presenting the foundation for temporary partitions and walls.


When you require a sign display, coroplast material may be better than other materials due to its ability to resist extreme temperatures. The standard half-inch thickness is adequately rigid to build boards, yard signs, and poster backdrops. The majority of customers prefer this product for their recurring seasonal displays and temporary signage requirements. 


Are you interested in coroplast signs to use at your next event or your place of business? Contact Sign of San Antonio today to get your hands on this versatile material.