Coroplast (short for Corrugated Plastic), is the material of choice for what’s commonly referred to as “yard signs”. It is a corrugated extrusion molded plastic material treated for vinyl adhesion (which basically means it looks and acts like plastic cardboard). Coroplast is an inexpensive indoor/outdoor background material with a limited outdoor life – one or two years. Used mostly for temporary purposes, coroplast has horizontal or vertical “flutes” which give it a slightly “ridged” look, but allow for insertion of wire step stakes. Coroplast is available in a few basic colors.

• Mostly used outdoors
• Available in 11 colors
• Long-lasting temporary sign
• Comes in 4mm and 10mm thickness
• Slightly ridged surface
• Used for “yard signs”
• Can be double-sided
• Mounted on wire stake or in iron frame
• Inexpensive and lightweight