Paint stencils are excellent when you need to apply custom-shaped letters/logos to a surface when decals won’t apply.

When it comes to paint stencils, they fall into one of two categories:

  • The first are adhesive-backed vinyl stencils, which are more economical, but good for one-time use.  Basically, it’s like a sticker you apply to the surface, and then remove – and dispose of – after applying the paint stencil.  There is almost no limit to the size of this type of stencil. We offer this type of stencil.
  • The second category of paint stencils is made of thicker polystyrene*.  Since there is no adhesive backing, they are reusable.  However, since there is also no application tape to hold it together, floating elements – like the middle parts of the letter A or O, must be held in place via a connector. Due to the high cost to manufacture, we no longer offer this type of stencil.  Instead, we can typically produce multiple one-time use stencils for less than one multi-use version.

When our signs or decals won’t cut it, and painted logos or lettering is a must, consider our paint stencils as an option.


*These stencils are limited in size to 24”x36”, and keep in mind these dimensions include the outer boundaries which protect against overspray.