Electronic signs are also called electrical signage, electronic displays, lit signage, or sometimes illuminant advertising media in the signage industry. Primary electronic signage includes fluorescent signs, HID or high-intensity displays, incandescent signs, LED signs, and neon signs. Additionally, LED signs and HID are so-called digital signage. People can use electrical signs indoors or outdoors because their display technologies are varied and change quickly. Electrical signs can exhibit a much more precise, colorful, and vivid image with the latest display technologies. Elated electronic signs are gradually replacing traditional static signs and increasingly taking over the signage market.

Electrical Signs

Types of electrical signs and their Usage 

Businesses can make a vivid and colorful impression with electric and LED signs. Signs of San Antonio offers a wide range of choices to match your requirements. We offer everything you require to magnify your visibility and draw customers in day or night, from digital LED displays to sign cabinets and custom backlit signage.

  • Cabinet signs accentuate your brand and location throughout the day and night and are an excellent option for building signs.
  • LED signs are generally used for high-impact communication; get colorful static or scrolling. Whether you are inside or outside, you can control LED sign boards from a central location.
  • Neon signs are an attractive option for restaurants, bars, and retail stores.
  • To formulate colorful, vibrant displays that attract attention, use lightboxes.
  • With the help of electrical signs, you can highlight your information in the most suitable light with backlit displays that make your advertisement readable and visually appealing in every setting and lighting.


Are Electric Signs Limited To Advertisements?

While electrical signages are mainly used for advertisement, there is more to it. Electronic signs are revolutionizing the way that enterprises advertise worldwide. Amidst the innovation that comes with new types of electronic signage, foot traffic, sales, and profits improve. The following industries have adopted electronic signages:

  1. Workplaces :  Businesses cannot ignore health and safety in any workplace or any space, so having the proper signage on display can reduce the possibility of accidents occurring.
  2. Retail : Retail has grown its foot traffic and its conversion rates substantially through electronic signage alone. Electronic signage drives consumers who are already inside stores and engages them to the point where they want to buy products.
  3. Public Transportation : Public transportation has become much more user-friendly for individuals utilizing public transport for the first time by introducing digital and LED signage, making it a viable option for more and more people.
  4. Entertainment : The entertainment industry has taken full advantage of electrical signage to raise enthusiasm about their latest or upcoming productions, particularly at premiers, increasing their profits. This industry is a classic example of how electric signage has become an indispensable foundation for the advertising process.
  5. Restaurants : From your neighborhood cafes to places like burger king, restaurants have started to use digital signage to update their menus and introduce new menu items in real-time.


Signs of San Antonio Sign Installation services include

  • Mounting your sign-on posts
  • Hanging banners atop buildings or on poles
  • Applying door and window decals to store-fronts
  • Replacing a store pylon sign
  • Applying vehicle or trailer decals
  • Changing out a lighted store-front sign
  • Installing signs to building facades


Safety Regarding Electrical Signs 

Suppose you are uncertain about the electrical signage you need, you may want to check out the guidance on the Health and Safety Executive regulations, which maps out what business owners need to do to meet current regulations. Electrical accidents can be more dangerous than just a minor shock fire; pressing injuries, and even fatalities are all potential consequences that can be prevented with the right signage.

Among other elements, signs must be clear and legible; they should significantly display risk health and safety. Electrical signs also feature the wording caution, warning, or danger. Caution indicates that if the hazardous situation is not avoided, minor or moderate injuries could occur.

Electrical signs can seem like a complicated business. Some business owners might not want to experiment into the whimsical realm of electricity for several reasons. Signs of San Antonio can help you through the entire process. From design to permit acquisition we will make sure your sign is installed safely and conveys your message well. Proper signage will pay for itself by converting impressions into income for your business.

Contact Signs of San Antonio to get your hands on electrical signs and amplify your business today.