Lamination is an add-on process in which a clear overlay laminate is applied to sign faces or photos. Since every sign we do is designed to withstand the elements, laminating is not necessary, but it does provide four distinct advantages:

  1. Graffiti-Proofing: Laminating won’t prevent vandals from tagging your sign, but it will prevent the tagging from being permanent.  Using our graffiti-proof laminate, the paint from tagging is removable using a soft cloth and lacquer thinner.  With a few quick wipes, a sign that’s been tagged can be restored!
  2. Increased Sign Longevity: While all of our digitally-printed signs are UV and weather resistant, there is an approximate three year life to the print before the effects of the south Texas sun will begin to fade and deteriorate the copy. The clear laminate we use contains additional UV-inhibiting characteristics that further delays the sun’s effects. You can expect to see an additional 2-3 years life expectancy with signs that have been laminated.
  3. Eliminate Scratches: In addition to increased susceptibility to fading, digitally-printed signs are prone to scratches. Signs that have been protected with an overlay laminate are virtually scratch-proof. This can be especially beneficial for prints that must be in close proximity to your audience (e.g. the front of your counter).
  4. Aesthetic Enhancements: Laminate comes in either a glossy or matte finish. Most uses call for glossy which tends to enhance colors and provide a deeper, richer appearance. It also tends to provide a more “finished” and polished look. However, glossy laminate does increase glare which can reduce visibility from some angles. Matte laminate provides the same two advantages listed above, without the glare. Perfect for menu-boards or displays where legibility is important.


So consider laminating if any of these enhancements apply to you. For less than you might think, a small investment in your sign might actually save you money in the long run.