We are a widely-acclaimed San Antonio Texas sign company, with 35 years’ experience.  We specialize in flat-panel/storefront signage, MDO site boards, custom decals, banners and 3-dimensional letters & logos. We have a nation-wide client base – some of which even include other sign companies. We are not a franchise, and have operated continually since our inception in 1984.

Here are the key things to know about Signs of San Antonio:

We Provide Great Customer Service

We provide responsive, courteous customer service. We walk you through the process: from prompt replies to initial inquiries, to securing a needed permit, to scheduling the installation. We love all the positive feedback we receive and it’s why we love what we do.

We Offer Quality Products

We offer a wide range of substrates and media, and will only recommend/propose items that meet or exceed your needs. Our new, state-of-the art equipment, experienced labor and refusal to cut corners ensures your sign will last and you will be satisfied, and allows us to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our testimonials are a reflection of that.

We Strive to Offer the Lowest Prices

Our competitive pricing is often the lowest in the industry. (In fact, we have been told on more than one occasion we were half our competitor’s quote.) In the event we are priced higher, we will work with you. Oftentimes we can help point out if the other quote includes a cheaper or lesser item; or we can meet/beat the quote in exchange for the feedback. Bottom line is we are very rarely underpriced when comparing same items.

We Have Been In Business A Long Time

Since 1984 in fact. This means our customers can count on us to deliver consistent logo/color reproduction, repeat order after repeat order. We have the experience – and the history – to manufacture high-quality, consistent signs.

We Are Efficient & Offer Fast Turnarounds

The efficiencies we’ve honed over our 30+ years in business translate to industry-leading turnaround times. Virtually everything we do is done in-house using stocked inventory.

We’re Ethical, Honest & Transparent

We believe honesty and transparency make good business practices. As an example, every estimate we provide details the product(s), media and laminate proposed so that you know exactly what you’re getting. No other company provides the same level of transparency or sophistication.

We’re Growing

Despite virtually no advertising or promotional efforts over the last 10 years, Signs of San Antonio has steadily grown. Nearly every day a new customer discovers us. Virtually all of this growth comes from recurring orders from our customer base and from the generous word-of-mouth referrals they provide us. If you have a need for signage – or are not satisfied with your current sign company – contact us today and find out how we can work for you!