3 Dimensional Letters & Logos create some of the most professional, impressive presentations.  Unique from our other signs in that there is no sign face needed – the letters are either stud or pad-mounted directly onto the surface of your choice. Made in plastic, aluminum, or steel (and a few other composites), custom letters can either be ordered from a variety of pre-selected fonts and styles, or custom-cut to specific font or logo requirements. Made for and used both indoors and out, custom letters are guaranteed for life.


• Professional appearance
• Indoor and outdoor
• Metal or plastic
• Lifetime guarantee
• Various mounting options
• Several colors to choose from
• Various finishes available
• From 1” to 48” fonts
• Various thicknesses


When it comes to 3 dimensional letters, there are so many options! From choices of materials like plastic or aluminum, to various finishes like brushed, anodized, bronze, brass, copper and steel. Then there are colours to decide, thicknesses, and mounting options to consider. It’s enough to overwhelm you. But not to worry – Signs of San Antonio has done this for years, for all kinds of different customers, for all types of needs, and can walk you through every step of the process. That’s why you should choose us for your 3-dimensional letters and logo needs.

Once you’ve made the choice on which type of 3 dimensional letters/logo to go with, you’ll need it installed. Signs of SA has installed hundreds of these letters/logos, and has installation down to a science! Whether it be pad-mounted, flush-mount, or stud-mounted with spacers, Signs of SA can advise your options and handle the all aspects of the installation. If your letters / logo are being installed outdoors, Signs of San Antonio can secure the requisite sign permit from the City.

Finally, Signs of San Antonio is consistently one the lowest cost providers of 3-dimensional letters and logos.

Price.  Experience.  Expertise.  If you are in the market for 3 dimensional letters and logos, look no further than Signs of San Antonio!