Floor Graphics San Antonio

Today, some of the trendiest and most captivating graphics are right at your feet. Floor graphics have transformed the way companies promote and advertise products indoors as well as in public spaces.

Most of us have noticed eye-catching floor graphics at malls, metro stations, and other locations in the city. Several businesses in San Antonio already have invested in this addition to their marketing strategy for better coverage.

A variety of signs unknowingly play an essential role in our day-to-day lives. We comfortably rely on them for various needs. Some signs inform us about what a business does and offers; a few guide us to find the right direction. In fact, businesses now often use floor signs as an effective navigation tool.

Extensively used in the warehouse industry as floor markers, these graphics are now installed in offices and stores to help customers and employees find their way. Additionally, signs such as “Wet Floor,” “Fire Exit,” “Caution,” and more help maintain order and safety.

Commonly used for traffic control, personal protective equipment (PPE) advisories, and pedestrian safety at manufacturing units, these signs are effective for other businesses as well. When we commonly think of navigation signage, we most likely look for signs installed above. Instead, floor signs now make complex routes and paths much easier to follow.

Conceptualized as a breakthrough in the advertising industry, it is difficult for people on foot or looking at their mobile phones to miss them. Apart from branding the space, they play an exceptional role in directing traffic. We can show you how.

In fact, labeled areas do a great job when it comes to controlling people flow. Considering the floor map and available space at your business location, custom floor decals can achieve this without hampering the aesthetics of your space. They help customers navigate and find what they are looking for with ease. This not only enhances the shopping experience but can also positively affect your bottom line.

Here are a few principles to follow for best results:

  • Create individuality at each location.
  • Make use of landmarks.
  • Create well-structured paths.
  • Don’t add too many options at the same point.

At Signs of San Antonio, we offer a wide range of interior signs and floor graphics to inform, assist, and impress your visitors. To get yours designed and implemented in the most professional manner, get in touch with our experts now.