Floor graphics, San Antonio

Over the last few years, floor graphics have become a popular method for drawing attention of new customers and making a stronger impact on the minds of the existing ones. It is true that the concept of floor graphics is not new. However, they have been underutilized, and it’s time to explore custom floor decals and all their potential.

The floor graphics marketing approach attracts customers and makes the brand visible in a creative manner. Implemented to create brand interactions, ground decals are a low budget advertising solution. It does not matter if you are a new business, or an established business that wants to revamp your marketing techniques, we are confident that advertising with floor decals will be a great return on your investment.

Reasons That Make Floor Decals A Smart Marketing Tactic


Decals are the most effective and affordable marketing tool used extensively to showcase and increase the popularity of a brand. Made from strong adhesives, durable material, and anti-scratch overlaminate, floor stickers can be applied to various surfaces and yet have a long-lasting effect.


In this competitive world, it is very important to present fresh ideas and make your brand visible to customers. To do so, businesses often invest a lot a money on expensive advertising techniques like radio, television or print media ads. On the contrary, investing in custom floor graphics can turn out to be more affordable.


Easily available in various shapes and sizes, floor decals are a clever way to get people to notice your brand. The main reason for growing popularity of custom decals is their ability to be –

  • Fun & creative
  • Use of spare space inexpensively
  • The perfect combination of versatility & easy implementation

Higher Brand Engagement

Brand engagement with floor graphics

Floor graphics are a very creative way of promoting your brand. They have unmatched advertising elements that make appropriate use of designs and messages on the floor to easily grab attention.

Used at various locations, both indoors and outdoors, these floor stickers not only are visually pleasing, but also take advantage of being placed where your customers’ eyes tend to focus.

Not Only for Retail

Traditionally retail stores have multiplied sales and made profits using floor decals. But, creatively designed and smartly placed floor stickers can help boost the visibility factor and enhance brand value for any type of business.

Now-a-days, people are familiar with advertisements displayed on windows, sidewalks, vehicles etc., However, if you want to thrill your customers with an advertisement or product promotion, we recommend implementation of floor graphics.

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