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When organizations are looking for advertising options, they are faced with several options. For instance, they can go with the approach of advertising through television or radio. They can also choose from more traditional method, such as decals, wall murals, or banners. Banners are known as one of the more popular offline advertising mediums as they are easily customizable, durable and versatile.

The main problem businesses face with banner advertising is that they don’t always know what exactly they are looking for. Enter Signs of SA. As an established sign company in San Antonio, we have a great deal of experience in creating banners for businesses. When a company comes to us, unsure of the exact type of banner they need, we take time to understand their purpose. Having this insight allows us to select the right types of banners for our customers, based on their needs, budget, and goal.

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In this article, we will explore the different varieties of banners available and share how to effectively use them to achieve business goals.

Pull – up Banners

Pull-up or pop-up banners are highly versatile, mobile, and well-suited for indoor use. They are typically spotted inside exhibition halls, conferences and office spaces. Perhaps one of their major benefits is that they can be easily displayed, then rolled back up into a compact travel case; if your business frequently participates in corporate events, these banners are the way to go.

Standard Vinyl Banners

Have you been toying with the idea of outdoor promotion? If so,vinyl banners are highly recommended. Available in various sizes, they can easily be viewed from a distance.  Cost per square, nothing is more economical than our standard economy banners.  We highly recommend vinyl banners as they draw attention in crowded spaces and, as a result, tend to boost traffic to the business they are promoting.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are extensively used at construction sites or for any time the banners will be installed along fences. They are often used to wrap temporary fences and create significant boundaries to differentiate a safe space between construction workers and pedestrians, while the banner prints can often display how the completed project will look. While these banners are a great option for areas with high wind velocity, they are also excellent to demarcate safe versus more dangerous areas.

Pole Banners

Installed with the help of rods and cables, pole banners get maximum visibility when they are displayed above crowds. Easily customizable and available in several shapes and sizes, these banners allow you the advantage of deploying them practically anywhere you wish.

For more information and for assistance on choosing the right banner for your business, contact the experts at Signs of San Antonio. We look forward to hearing from you!