Venyl Banner Varieties

Vinyl banners are the preferred choice when it comes to promoting business affordably and effectively. As a reputable name in the sign industry in San Antonio, we often come across customers who chose signage based only on aspects like cost and convenience.

Various types of vinyl banners play an active role in doing justice to your advertising requirements. However, people often are unaware of important basics and tend to miss out on crucial points.

 So, let’s get started and understand everything that you need to know about vinyl banners and materials.

Overview –

Vinyl banners are extensively used for outdoor and indoor advertising, and to accommodate the different scenarios, there are different varieties.  In short, there are three types of banners available to choose from:

standard – or economy – banners, heavy duty, and mesh heavy duty.  And for the standard option, you can choose between two finishes: glossy, and matte.

Vinyl Banner

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Do you need something that is glossy, displays high clarity with a shiny finish? If yes, the glossy standard banner should be your choice.  Engineered to sustain UV rays, the glossy vinyl material does not fade away easily, even when exposed to the sun for a long duration.

This material often allows one side print and offers a vibrant effect to the audience. Often this material can be employed to advertise products or services, as it can make a dramatic impact and stay on customers mind for a long time.  If there is a downside to the glossy finish, it would be that it can cause some glare.  If there is a lot of light/sunlight on the banner, the shiny finish can reflect the light and make it harder to see in some circumstances.


Unlike the glossy ones, matte vinyl banners shine less and remove the glare effect. The matte finish helps to get a better visual of the print on the banner. Durable and compatible even during harsh weather conditions, the matte vinyl banner is a great option for scenarios where legibility is important.

Heavy Duty

Generally, for banners greater than about 50 square feet in size, we recommend our heavy duty banners.  These banners cost more than the economy option, but you get what you pay for: HD banners come with a stronger, thicker vinyl, as well as reinforced heavy duty webbing around the perimeter and commercial grade grommets.  So for larger banners, or banners, you need to last more than a year, consider our heavy duty banners.

HD Mesh

Heavy-duty mesh banners have all the same heavy-duty enhancements of our heavy duty banners, but the vinyl material has tiny perforations throughout, which enable wind to pass through.  Therefore, HD mesh banners are best for installations windy areas, or along chain link fences.

Compared to matte or glossy materials, and due to these tiny holes, the image on mesh vinyl is not as clear, but when viewed from the intended distance, one can usually not even tell a mesh banner is mesh and not standard.

Remember the choice of vinyl banner options will change based on your requirements and budget. For more help, get in touch with our sign experts today.