Vehicle graphics san antonio

The secret to successful advertising depends on how effective the first impression is, relative to the cost it takes to acquire that impression. Vehicle graphics certainly are a great way to transform a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles into mobile billboards that promote your business in a memorable way. And vehicle graphics can work as a powerful branding tool. Unlike full wraps however, vehicle graphics normally will cost half – or even less – than that of a full wrap.  Better yet, vehicle graphics made from premium media, will last 5-10 years or longer, whereas wraps will tend to deteriorate within a year or two, especially at the curves.

Vehicle advertising can bring value and credibility to your business. Hence, transforming your fleet into a 24/7 marketing machine is a great opportunity. Being one of the leading vehicle graphics company in San Antonio, we are here to help you understand why vehicle graphics are better than full wraps.

Vehicle graphics san antonio

Differences between Vehicle Graphics & Full Wrap –

#1 – Visibility

Vehicle graphics or decals – like wraps – offer excellent visibility to your potential customers.  Unlike wraps though, vehicle graphics are an excellent method of vehicle advertising – cost effective, affordable, and an impactful technique implemented to spread vital information associated with a business. Studies also state that vehicle graphics is one of the best marketing mediums when it comes to generating results.

 #2 – Repairs & Removal

In the lifespan of vehicle graphics, there are various instances like repairs or upgrades that demand removal of the old ones. Since, vehicle graphics cover lesser area on the automobile, they reduce the time and cost associated with removal.

#3 – Price

Compared to vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics are always a cost-effective option; usually costing only 25-50% of a comparable wrap might cost.

It goes without saying that compared to vehicle graphics, full vehicle wraps are a costlier investment. So, which one do you prefer?