Commercial Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs depict more than just information about a property. They also represent the brand of the real estate company. For real estate signs, visibility is of utmost importance to attract potential clients for purchasing a property. Future property owners and investors look for signs that appear professional and display all the required information evidently and concisely. Buying a property can be an intricate process, and buyers need to have trust in the real estate company before initiating a deal. Therefore, information listed on signs must be readable and discernible.

Choosing the right type of substrate for signs is necessary for achieving longevity, without sacrificing crisp printing with high-quality color vibrancy. In this article, we will discuss one of the most popular outdoor sign materials for making commercial real estate signs.

Commercial Real Estate Signs

MDO Boards for real estate

MDO or medium density overlay plywood, also known as signboard, is produced with a high-quality thermosetting resin-impregnated fiber surface to create exterior-grade plywood that has a high-quality fiber surface, saturated with phenolic resin solids. The plywood possesses a smooth surface without any patches, making it perfect for long-term application of media. MDO boards are extensively used for commercial real estate signs because they are sturdy and durable enough to last for several years.

Features of MDO Boards

·        MDO plywood is suitable for interior and exterior application that demands a smooth surface for printing.

·        MDO plywood is waterproof and weather-resistant.

·        It is very strong and has a long-lasting fiber overlay.

·        It holds high potency and dimensional stability.

·        It possesses exceptional thermal-insulating properties of real wood.

·        Its waterproof resins exceed all adhesion and construction requirements.

Why choose Signs of San Antonio for commercial real estate signs

Signs of San Antonio has experience helping many commercial real estate companies not only produce long-lasting, high quality signs, but also manage their installation and inventory management needs. There are all kinds of sizes, configurations, and installation methods available for our customers’ requirements.  We value your time, and therefore, we are one of the fastest sign companies in San Antonio. We have fast turnaround times and complete MDO signs, ensuring delivery within a couple of days.

True to our reputation, we are also one of the lowest-cost MDO sign providers around, all without compromising on the quality of materials. We do not withhold on treated, primed, or painted boards that are especially designed to survive for years. We take pride in talking about the MDO signs we designed over 10 years ago that continue to hold strong for our customers.