Laminating Services in San Antonio

The world of business signs is largely focused on concept, design, and information. Installed both indoors and outdoors, they are extensively used to deliver dynamic information for improved business advantage. As a signs and laminating services company in San Antonio, we regularly receive many orders for banners, decals, wall murals, and more, but rarely get asked about lamination. You may be surprised by the several benefits offered by laminated signs.

Laminating Services in San Antonio
  • Greatly increases life of signs

Lamination works as a shield and protects signs from the elements. The added layer of thin, transparent vinyl makes them more durable and resistant to dust, dirt, rain, and sunlight. Specifically, it provides protection from harmful UV rays to keep outdoor printed graphics safe from fading away.

The use of clear laminates with UV protection works best against sun damage and can increase the life expectancy of the sign by fiveat least two to three years.

  • Provides Protection Against Graffiti

The protective covering of laminate has an additional benefit of protecting the sign print surface and separating it from graffiti.  This allows for signed that have been “tagged” to be cleaned and made to look new again.  With a soft cloth and a little lacquer thinner, graffiti wipes off, and the sign print stays protected.

  • Increases Appeal

Available in both matte and glossy finish, laminates are an affordable option to increase the appeal of signs other printed material.

Matte laminates boost the readability of the print and also softens the color for a soothing effect. On the contrary, glossy laminates add a vibrant dimension and improve overall appearance of the signage. You can choose either one, based on your requirements.

  • Provides Protection / Reduces Scratches

Interior and exterior signs in high traffic areas can be prone to scratches. Application of overlay laminates protects signs from such damage and keeps them presentable for a longer time. It is recommended to laminate indoor signs to avoid premature wear and tear.

Dedicated to providing a wide variety of professional business signs, experts at Signs of San Antonio also focus on what’s necessary to protect and maintain them.  Laminating your signs for any of the above-mentioned benefits can work for your business as well. Our expert team offers a wide selection of add-on services to choose from.

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