Vinyl Banners San Antonio

When it comes to banners, Signs of San Antonio offers several variants: there is the most common, standard vinyl banner; then there are also table-top banners, step-and-repeat banners, HD banners, and mesh banners. Here we look into the HD Mesh Vinyl banners that we offer to better describe their traits and the factors you should consider when deciding whether HD mesh banner is right for you.

HD Mesh Vinyl Banners

First off, even within the subset of mesh banners, there are wide variations in quality and fit-and-finish among banner makers. Here at Signs of SA, we sell only a top-tier, premium version we call our HD (for heavy duty) Mesh Banner. What separates this banner from its lesser counterparts (and makes it “HD”), are two things: we use commercial-grade grommets and heavy-duty premium webbing that is stitched all around the perimeter of the banner. This ensures the banner will not pull apart from the grommets where they are tied off and can withstand the brunt forces of the winds. It’s these HD features – this heavy-duty webbing and grommets – that are fundamental to the main characteristic of mesh banners: the mesh, or weave, that enables wind to pass through. Since banners are an economical display solution, they are commonly printed in large to very large sizes. And these large sizes can act as a sail of sorts and be subjected to tremendous forces if installed outside where wind is a factor.

HD Mesh Vinyl Banners help circumvent, and reduce the forces of the wind, by using crisscrossed fibers that are evident from close-up, but close enough together to still be printable. And once printed and installed, it’s usually indiscernible to the audience that the banner is mesh at all. Yet, the tiny holes in the fabric let the wind blow through and reduces the load on the tie-points, and at the grommets. This then helps the banners last longer and reduces the chances of tears and rips.

So, when should you use it? In short, whenever the wind is a factor. And the two most commonly seen installs that warrant mesh banners are 1. When the banner is to be installed along an open fence (e.g. chain-link), and when the banner is to be installed between two posts or poles. In other words, unless the banner is to be placed flat against a solid surface, where wind can’t get behind it, then one should consider our HD mesh banner.

So now that you know the characteristics of mesh banners, why not reach out to a company that specializes in their design and build?

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