Banner printing San Antonio

Every advertising strategy is implemented with an aim to beat competition and to inform customers about the existence of your business, products and services. Today, there are various methods available to market a business, but the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a banner is unmatched.

Outdoors or indoors, an attractive banner plays a major role in appealing to customers, who would otherwise be completely unaware and just walk past your business. As a widely acclaimed banner printing company in San Antonio, we have significantly enhanced the recognition and popularity of several businesses through custom-made banners.

Every business is unique and so are the advertising requirements. Therefore, it’s time to understand about various types of banners and their respective uses. This information will help you pick the most appropriate option.

Explore Different Types of Banners

Every banner type, based on its size, style and placement, serves a different purpose.

Pull-up Banners (with Banner Stands)

Used extensively for promotional activities at exhibitions, trade fairs and offices, pull-up or pop-up banners are multi-purpose and portable. Its ability to be folded back and stored into the carry case, saves space and makes it more convenient to be transported.

Vinyl Banners

Suitable for outdoor publicity, vinyl banners work best when installed at locations of high visibility. Available in small to big sizes, these banners can be viewed from a distance. Its characteristics of being light weight, water resistant and economical, makes vinyl banners a promising choice for short-term outdoor advertising.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners

Made from a crisscrossed fiber, mesh banners are wind resistant and a perfect choice to be used at various outdoor locations. The tiny perforations allow wind to pass through thus reducing the stress load, making them ideal for fence-mounted applications.

 Specification Differences

  • Standard Banners– Available in both matte and gloss finish, this product is good for short term use, that does not typically exceed a year.
  • Heavy Duty Banners – These banners come with heavy-duty webbing and reimforced grommets along the perimeter, are suitable for applications generally over 50sq ft and can be used for a longer duration.
  • Mesh HD Banners – Every bit as heavy-duty as our Heavy Duty banners, but with the perforations in the vinyl to allow wind to pass through.

So, if you are evaluating options to advertise your business, we suggest you pick the most appropriate banner to best combine your use and budget.