custom design T-shirt

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to give your business the boost it needs with an attractive and smart T-shirt design? Now-a-days we live in an era where we can easily choose what we love wearing. If you want your business to reach new heights, we at Signs of San Antonio can quickly transform a boring piece of t-shirt into something unique and clever. Walt Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse character was also used as an advertising symbol on t-shirts. We believe that t-shirts are a staple of our daily wardrobe, perhaps because of how amazingly adaptable they are. T-shirts can work as a blank canvas for artwork in a manner other garments can’t, providing never-ending possibilities.


Outlined are the top 10 unique and inspiring t-shirt designs.


  1. Flipped text:

If you’re someone who loves taking selfies, then the flipped design gives you the reason to take a stunning mirror picture to discover the typography effect. This design fashion gives an original twist on the repeating text design style and is just as easy to produce.


  1. Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits are the top trend for custom apparel due to their versatility. By using a simple line drawing, you can outline its body and facial characteristics.


  1. Repeating Text

This t-shirt design is perfect if you aren’t very design-savvy but still want to create a trendy tee on your own.


  1. Illustrative Figures

Digital drawings are trending right now. Illustrative figures bring an incredible amount of personal touch and playfulness to your tee.


  1. Doodle Artwork

Let your creativity and vision flow, and print it on your tee. Start doodling with thin and wavy lines, shapes of all colors and sizes.


  1. Minimalist Rainbows

Rainbows continue to be the top t-shirt design trend since they symbolize hope, joy, and wonder. Many tees have a rainbow image or a word/line to bring extra meaning and encouragement to the design.


  1. Tarot cards

Tarot cards on shirts have been the desired design trend this year. With their exceptional imagery, symbolism, and art, tarot cards offer a wide range of elements to draw inspiration from.


  1. Multi-Colored Words

Add a splash of liveliness to any text-based design by printing the letters in a variety of colors. Do consider the mood of the design, your brand, and the potential audience of the shirt when picking colors.


  1. Strong Statements

Less social distancing and more t-shirt talking have led to an increase in these bold design options. This is effective if you want to contribute to a cause, political campaign, or social event.


  1. Handwritten Typography

Convey a distinctive tone to your design with your own hand-drawn fonts. Funky, bold, retro, or delicate hand-drawn letterforms can convey varied moods.


T-shirts have several different uses, from formal to informal, but whatever t-shirt design you require, we ensure you will get a t-shirt just as innovative as something procured at the supermall. Signs of San Antonio is a licensed and trusted sign shop that will get your t-shirt uniquely designed, printed, and delivered quickly.


Have you got a great t-shirt design in mind to advertise for your business? Call Signs of San Antonio to get yourself and your business a custom t-shirt print design online that will give you great exposure and help you grow sales.