Signs of San Antonio is a leading producer of decals, manufacturing literally thousands and thousands of decals each month.  But when it comes to decals, everyone falls into one of two primary categories:

  1. Standard, or
  2. Contour-cut (aka die-cut)

Standard decals are basically decals that have – in addition to the print/design itself – a background.  In other words, a rectangular box shape, which is typically white (the color of the media), but can also be printed any color.  The best example of a standard decal is a bumper sticker, which typically measures 3”x10”.

Unlike standard decals, contour-cut decals use plotters or printer/cutter machines to custom cut to any specific shape; usually, a shape that follows the contour of the print itself.  This creates a more professional, desirable look.  However, contour-cut decals require more labor time (and hence more cost), as it takes longer to remove the excess material/waste material (a process called “weeding”).

Regardless of standard or contour-cut, all decals produced by Signs of San Antonio are weather and UV-resistant (and dishwasher-safe), designed to last inside or out for 1-3 years before fading.  (For even longer life, consider laminating.)

Be it a simple decorative decal or contour-cut ones, these customized designs can be utilized in multiple ways. If you are looking for customized decals with different types, sizes and shapes, we offer a wide range of custom decals. At Signs of San Antonio, we specialize in creating and printing die-cut and contour-cut decals to match your exact specifications. Contact our team of experts today for all your decal designing and printing needs.