Architectural Signage

3-Dimensional architectural signs are some of the most professional, brand-enhancing investments a company can make. Flat-panel dibond signs, acrylic lobby signs and wall graphics are a few options to incorporate in the promotion strategy.  But if you want to stand out in the crowd, custom-made architectural signs can deliver an exceptional response. 

Unique and high impact, architectural signage has helped various businesses in San Antonio get noticed and build a positive image. It combines all the elements into an aesthetically pleasing mix that overall represents the business and complements the environmental décor of the building. Below are several ways that architectural signage can make your business stand out from the rest.

Architectural Signage San Antonio

Let the Background Show Through

Unlike traditional flat-panel signage, 3-dimensional architectural signs consist of only the letters and logos, and therefore the background shows through.  This custom-cut appearance creates a more appealing, sophisticating look.

Curb Appeal

Well-designed architectural signs can enhance the overall appearance of both the internal and external architecture of the building. Known to create an exceptional first impression, these signs play an important role in shaping and re-shaping brand identity.

Seamless Appearance

Unlike other forms of advertising, architectural signs look the most professional.  And given the variety of finish options, materials, and styles, there is almost no limit to the combinations of looks one can achieve.

So, if you want to invest in the best form of custom signage, architectural signs are second to none. They have an exceptional ability to communicate and make your business look professional and customer-oriented.