San Antonio signs and banners

Remember your brand is not just a logo. It is a complete representation of who you are and what you do. Various businesses invest a huge amount of money to build an overall experience for customers, even before they step into the store. Well, there are various marketing options available in the market, to build a brand’s image in the minds of customers.

Signs and banners are marketing tools, used extensively in every industry, to share an incredible brand connection. Installed indoors and outdoors, signs work as silent salespersons and are effective at drawing customer attention. However, if you ignore the effects of signs in your marketing plan, you might miss out on a strong opportunity to implore people passing by to stop at your business location.  

Several businesses know the fact that use of effective signs and banners can create a striking difference for any business.

The impact of well-designed signs and banners can turn out to be more than estimated. FedEx Office, a small business marketing solutions firm along with Ketchum Global Research & Analytics carried out a survey that measured the importance and influence of signs on buying decisions. Another survey conducted by the Economic Center, University of Cincinnati is more business owner-centric and based on various industries.

Don’t miss out on benefits implied by these facts –

Benefits of signs and banners

  • Around 8 in 10 or approximately 76% of consumers surveyed, stated that they chose to enter a store or business location, based solely on the sign.
  • More than 65% of consumers surveyed reportedly purchased products or services simply because they came across eye catchy and attractive signs.
  • About 75% of people in the survey sheet, referred a business or product to friends or family based on signs.
  • About 38% of large organizations with several locations, found signs to be an effective medium of branding. It helped their customers recognize them effortlessly. However, signs were used by smaller organizations to stand out from others in the market.
  • More than 50% of the people surveyed concluded that poor quality signs limited them from visiting an establishment.
  • 68% of consumers reported that signs reflected the quality of products and services offered by a business.
  • About 60% of businesses surveyed found that tweaking the design on the signs made a positive impact on sales. They also reported that increase in visibility made a positive impact on sales.

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