People are naturally attracted to eye-catching designs whether on a billboard, in a newspaper advertisement or even on a vehicle. Yes, the design on a vehicle, you read that right! Vehicle branding is an innovative and cost-effective way of advertising your brand and has the potential to attract a whole new set of customers by exponentially increasing brand reach and visibility. No wonder then, vehicle graphics are among the fastest growing forms of mobile advertising.

Vehicle Graphics

There are numerous options at your disposal when it comes to vehicle branding. The best option for your brand should be finalized after careful consideration of your brand message, potential customers to target, branding budget and a discussion with vehicle graphics specialists.  When it comes to vehicle graphics, Signs of SA does two types:

Full, flat-panel vehicle wraps:  For 18-wheelers, box trucks, and trailers.  The flat panels/sides of the vehicles are encased completely in a premium 3M vinyl wrap manufactured specially to allow it to fit snugly over the rivets of the vehicle. Graphics are printed directly on the vinyl wrap which can simply be peeled off should you choose to change your branding message.  (Signs of SA does not do full car wraps due to their lower value proposition.)

Partial vehicle wrap/vehicle graphics: Differs from full vehicle wrap in that the wrap covers only portions the vehicle. The media is less expensive and is recommended for brands just starting off with vehicle branding and those with a limited branding budget.

Benefits of vehicle graphics:

  • Increased brand awareness due to greater reach and visibility.
  • An innovative concept that also increases brand recall value since people are not likely to forget a vehicle with eye-catching designs.
  • A cost-effective and highly targeted medium of advertising.
  • Provides a new ‘mobile’ advertising and marketing channel.
  • Add legitimacy to your brand.

To summarize, vehicle graphics are a great way to stand out from your competition and to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget by increasing brand awareness and recall value. Our team specializes in vehicle graphics in San Antonio. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team of experienced designers to assess the best branding option that will yield the maximum results. Call us today!