Custom Decals

Every advertising activity is implemented to turn heads and grab attention. As a result, various businesses in San Antonio have used custom reflective decals to promote their products and services locally. Believe it or not, decals are one of the most versatile and effective modes of advertising. Available in various media types, reflective decals are a trending and widely used marketing tool for a number of reasons.

Custom Decals

So, let’s begin by understanding what reflective decals are.

 Reflective stickers or decals are an innovative variant in the signs industry. Printed on a premium engineer-grade reflective background, the decals are waterproof and provide a highly visible metallic shine that gives them a glowing effect.  When paired with our protective laminate, they are hard wearing and durable. They are also easily customizable and attractive when designed with black or dark colors to contrast the silver background. Difficult to ignore, these glowing stickers are a powerful marketing tool that adds brilliance to advertising campaigns.

Widely accepted in the market, reflective vinyl can be precisely applied to various surfaces. As such, customized commercial reflective signs are a popular choice among local businesses. While it is a costlier option than regular decals, the results generated are indisputable.

The benefits noted below justify why reflective decals are worth the investment.

 Better Visibility

 High on performance, reflective vinyl stickers do a great job by helping your business get attention even in the dark and during poor weather conditions. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.


 Made from long-lasting vinyl, these decals can sustain difficult climatic conditions and general wear and tear. They maintain their classy look to help reach your target audience.

Customer Engagement

We cannot deny that reflective decals are attractive and a great tool to enhance your brand presence. Different from regular stickers, there is a vast scope for innovation in this genre that results in better customer engagement.


Easily available in different shapes and sizes, reflective vinyl decals can be custom designed depending on your requirements. So, you never have to compromise on features that give a unique look to your business.

Reflective decals have unlimited applications. Especially if you don’t want your audience to miss your presence even when light gets low or the weather bad, it’s smart to go for reflective decals.