Signs and Banners

Just like every other industry, the signs and banners industry is highly influenced by shifts in trends, preferences, and tastes. Customers in this genre are always on the quest for something that is new, different and unique. Therefore, it is the job of signage companies to deliver products that are attractive, meaningful and original. And to do so in the most appropriate manner, it is inevitable to stay updated with current business trends.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that signs and banners are used extensively by businesses to communicate and connect with their customers. Considered as one of the most cost-effective advertising medium, the industry needs to be very active and can never get static. Various businesses in San Antonio come to us and explore the most recent and innovate techniques with an aim to boost engagement and generate revenue through perfect signage products.

Signs and Banners

So, Let’s Check Out the Most Intriguing Signage Trends For 2018

3D signs

3D technology is on the rise.  A finely crafted 3D architectural sign has the potential to generate visuals that are impressive and can attract various business opportunities. Based on the creativity quotient, these signs can be used indoors or outdoors, to get attention easily.

Matte Laminate

Signs of San Antonio is the leader when it comes to offering the most options for overlaminates for its signs.  Depending on the application, there are various options to choose from.  Overlaminates with a glossy finish have been the norm for years, but recently our matte laminates have gained tremendous popularity.  Ideal for reducing glare, they give signs a more uniform, consistent look.

Bold, Modern fonts

Every business wants to get noticed in a jiffy. This is where bold fonts play an integral role. We agree that this is no surprise. But it is important to remember that, bold never goes out of trend. Remember, elements of bold fonts can easily transform the text into a feature that is meaningful, attractive and cohesive.

If you are planning to replace an old sign or get a new one for a brand-new venture, the above trends can be of value. For detailed information and assistance, you can also get in touch with our sign experts at Signs of San Antonio.