Poster Prints San Antonio

Presentations have always played an important role in the corporate world.  To have a material impact, and to help convey your point, visual aids are a must.  There are various options one can use, from popular foamboards, to digital PowerPoint presentations, to the underwhelming simple print out on office paper.  But perhaps the most cost-effective, impactful per dollar invested visual aid is the poster print.

Simply put, poster prints are inexpensive.  Priced from less than $10 for a full 24”x36” poster (in volume), posters allow for space to enlarge your presentation material without breaking the bank.

With a bright white, semi-gloss finish, the poster print is made of heavy-duty material that can be rolled up for easy transportation.  The white background helps the printed text come out crisp and vibrant, while allowing colors to appear vibrant and pop.

Poster Prints San Antonio

In addition to corporate presentations, poster prints are widely used to display for sale info by commercial real estate companies, as well as by small businesses of all types to promote sales or special promotions.  Unlike window graphics, poster prints can easily be taped – or connected via suction cups – to windows, and then easily removed (and disposed of) or relocated or reused.

UV-resistant inks mean poster prints can stand up to full sun for long periods of time without fading.

Poster prints can be custom cut to any size but are typically 11”x17” at the smallest and can be as large as 50”x 10 FEET or more.  So, the next time you want to make a more impactful presentation, consider the cost-effective benefits or using poster prints as your visual aid!