Lobby Signs San Antonio

Lobby signs create the perfect ambience for people who walk into your business. Ideal for communicating your brand and engaging visitors, these signs go the extra mile to create that striking first impression. Additionally, they help visitors know they are at the right place and simultaneously enhance the professional appearance of a business space.

Well-placed signs behind the reception desk, as well as thoughtfully-designed indoor directional signs can help increase the credibility of a business. On the contrary, when lobby signage fades or is not regularly updated with changes, it might detract from and affect the overall reputation of your business. To not let this happen, it is recommended to upgrade lobby signs and other indoor signage when necessary.

lobby signs San Antonio

Here are a few indicators that clearly suggest it is time to upgrade your custom lobby signs immediately. Let’s take a look.

Faded or Worn Out Lobby Signs

Beyond making the entrance of a business look appealing, lobby signs are responsible for creating a memorable first impression. Researchers also confirm these impressions are lasting and can be formed within ten seconds. This means faded or worn out signage in the lobby can easily hamper the way visitors remember your business.

As a result, it is highly recommended to inspect indoor signage and in the event you notice fading, cracking, peeling or deterioration, consider replacing.

Outdated and Non-compliant

To avoid consequences such as accidents, lawsuits, fines, and reputation damage, every business needs to ensure that their indoor signage is compliant with existing regulations. Considering fresh fonts and trending updates for lobby signage can make the entrance of a business look fresh and energetic. If it has been a while since you made these aesthetic changes to lobby signs, do not wait till they fade or are worn out as it already is time to upgrade.

Lobby signs to match the re-branding strategy

Even though rebranding is tedious, time-consuming and can be expensive, it is often beneficial for the business.  If you have plans to re-brand and offer a completely new identity to your business, changing lobby signs to match is a must, and can make a significant difference.

Lobby sign experts at Signs of San Antonio understand the value of a well decorated lobby with perfect signage. To make the process easy, fun, and foolproof, we offer a comprehensive range of options that’ll uplift the way people think about your company the moment they step into your location.