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When it comes to making one’s presence felt in the crowded field of storefront retail, it’s pretty much a requirement today to use some version of storefront decals to stand out. Fortunately, there are many types of storefront decals from which to choose, and with each option almost equal variations in cost to fit any budget.

The first and most important consideration when it comes to determining the cost of storefront decals, is simply the size; as in square footage of copy.  In short, a 15”x28” door decal with your logo and hours, for example, will be towards the low end of the cost spectrum. Whereas full coverage decals that span the entire storefront will be towards the higher-end.

The next big factor in determining storefront decals cost is the media type itself. When it comes to storefront decals there are a number of options from which to choose. Some of the primary categories of media include standard vinyl contour-cut decals. These are primarily used for applying a company logo or store hours and address. Another popular storefront decal option is using “view-thru” or perforated media. This type of media is applied to the outside of the glass and has tiny holes, or perforations, cut out so that those on the inside can still see out. Perforated media also has an added benefit of reducing heat from entering the store. Perforated media is relatively inexpensive; however, it cannot be contour cut so it’s usually applied to the entire window or storefront. Additionally, if you want the copy to withstand the elements and last more than a year it is recommended that you use laminate. And in order to maintain visibility from the inside out one must use optically clear laminate with perforated media which can add to the cost.

Storefront window decals

For those with short term needs window clings are an ideal option. Window clings are also relatively inexpensive and have the benefit of using static electricity instead of adhesive to adhere to the window surface. This makes removal and reapplying the window cling much easier. Additionally, window clings can be applied to the inside or the outside of the window with the copy facing inward or outward.

Another popular storefront decal option is using frosted or etch-like vinyl. This particular type of vinyl is a frosted opaque light gray color which helps give the appearance that the glass is actually etched. This type of storefront decal can also be contour-cut meaning logos or custom artwork can be cut out of the vinyl to create a classy, professional look. Frosted vinyl, however, is one of the more expensive options.

One of the more economical options for cut letters and logos is using standard, colored vinyl. Stocked in nearly 60 color options, there are a lot of options from which to choose. Since colored vinyl is not printed, the inks won’t fade and therefore there is no need for the additional add-on laminate.

So how much do storefront decals cost? Well, as we’ve discussed, there are many factors to consider, and all affect cost.  But in the simplest terms.  A simple logo and hours, in one color vinyl on a 30” door can start at $45.  Whereas etch-vinyl or laminated perforated media can run several hundred dollars for full coverage. So if storefront decals are something your business is considering, contact the folks at Signs of San Antonio today to hear about your options.  They can recommend various media, provide free estimates, and walk you through the process. Stand out from the crowd and consider storefront decals today!