Custom-Cut Acrylic Logos 1

Every business should look unique and secure an exclusive identity in the market. To do so, firms often make use of customized indoor and outdoor signs to make that difference.

Whether you own a top-notch IT company or operate a hotel, the lobby works as a strong link between your business, customers, employees, and visitors. Often considered part of the “first look” of an organization, it is important to design this space with the right tone to make the best first impression.

Custom-Cut Acrylic Logos

Since first impressions are critical, a well-branded reception area will make a lasting impact on the people who travel through it. To that end, custom-cut acrylic logos and business names are highly recommended by companies everywhere.

The benefits listed below help explain why custom cut acrylic logos are a perfect choice for the lobby.


Laser-cut acrylic letters and logos are relatively inexpensive compared to other options.  Especially when you consider the professional impact they have.  Available in countless color and finish options, they are often indiscernible from their metal counterparts.


These signs are a well-known medium used for indoor branding. The polished appearance of the material gives logos and letters a neat, crisp, and sophisticated look.


The laser-cutting of the acrylic materials results in exacting detail, and are certain to replicate the intricacies of any businesses’ logo.  And with additional finish-out options like added metal laminate on the surface, laser-cut letters can actually look like anything thing from polished chrome to brushed aluminum.In short, they provide a professional look for company logos.


Signs of San Antonio can walk you through the process – from getting the right size, shape and color. If you want to make the most of the lobby area of your business, custom-cut acrylic signs are a favored option.

To learn more about these sign options, get in touch with the experts at Signs of San Antonio. We aim to create the best signage for your business.