Custom vehicle wraps near me

One can indeed achieve a foundation for steady branding and ongoing promotions with perfectly planned and well-executed vehicle wraps. San Antonio’s businesses make good use of vehicle graphics to get their company noticed by a massive audience on highways, busy streets, and even in the neighborhoods. Custom vehicle wraps are known as one of the most convenient and result-oriented forms of marketing. They deliver an unbelievable performance by playing a rolling billboard. Below are five tips to explain the basic process for creating print-ready vehicle wrap files. Let’s get started.


  1. Collect Information

It’s vital to create the designs on a precise template file of your vehicle to make it print-ready. Vehicle wrap files are enormous and can be costly. So, it’s best to keep the template files ready as per your car’s blueprint. Next, we understand your specifications and collect all the data before designing so that we are able to deliver the best wrap. Finally, you must have high-quality photos of your vehicle to identify the car model. We also ensure to look for any irregularities on the vehicle surface that may be different than existing templates.


  1. Gather inspiration

Once we have all the technical data, it’s time to decide how to turn your vehicle wrap idea into a reality. If you already have a logo and advertising copy handy, we ask you about the vehicle wrap designs you’d like. If you love photos in the vehicle wrap design, then high-resolution images need to be purchased. We advise that it’s always good to keep a vehicle wrap design simple, especially if it’s a commercial for your business. For instance, your vehicle may be traveling 65mph on the expressway; you’ll have to ensure that you can read the brand’s message in seconds.


  1. Construct the design

You can use photos of your vehicle to sketch out the design. We think it’s easier to photoshop the design on an image of the car first. It won’t be a 100% match on the actual vehicle, but it will make it easier to imagine how graphics look when they meet at corners and the car’s rounded surfaces. We ensure any mockup created can be easily recreated/applied to the template files before showing it to you. However, we believe it’s vital to appropriately manage your expectations by showing you designs that can be implemented in real life, not ones that look good in Photoshop.


  1. Implement the design to the template

You can create vehicle wrap print files in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. At Signs of San Antonio, we prefer that our designer’s deliver Adobe Illustrator files in vehicle wrap handovers because few printers accept only vector files. Several vehicle printers take both PSD & AI files. Essential things to consider:

  • Set your document to CMYK color model
  • To create the design to scale- use ratio of 1:10 
  • Set the document’ Pixels Per Inch’ to 720
  • Use high-resolution photos if they’re part of the design.
  • Transform all fonts to outlines
  • Label and create each part into separate layers and ensure each graphic has its sublayer.
  • Combine 5-10 in bleeds to every piece of the template to ensure that the design wraps around the edges of doors, and adding an extra bleed will help the car’s design grip.


  1. Deliver the files


We present you with .ai or .psd files, in addition to an uncompressed .tiff file of the vehicle wrap. We know the name/own a license to all fonts used in your design. If any raster images are used in the design, we include the raw photo file so our vehicle wrap team can adjust your files accordingly. 


Do you want your custom vehicle wrap design to come to life on a vast, fast-moving billboard? Call Signs of San Antonio and get your striking vehicle wraps in San Antonio today!