So, you’ve employed every trick in the marketing playbook – from listing your business in yellow pages, distributing flyers, online promotions – to promote your business and to attract new customers. But, for all your efforts, time and money invested, you just aren’t getting enough customers to walk through those doors? Then, it’s time you try banner advertising for building visibility for your business and enticing new customers to visit your store.

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Although banners can be a potent medium for advertising and promoting your brand, most business owners underestimate the importance and impact of banners on increasing business revenues by driving in new customers. Here are 5 ways signs and banners can boost your business:

Creating a good first impression.

Having a well-designed, attractive and enticing sign board displayed prominently outside your store acts as a magnet for people who wanted to visit your store but haven’t. A Fedex study reveals 68% of customers associate a store’s sign board with the reliability of your brand’s product and services. Thus, a well-made, attractive sign can create a positive and long-lasting impression.

Drive new customers.

The same Fedex study found 75% of customers were more likely to enter a store based on its sign boards and banners. A lot of your potential customers reside within a 5-mile radius and it is quite likely they notice your signage and banners daily. A good sign can not only act as a magnet in driving new customers to visit your store but also influence them to buy from your store.

Increase sales.

New customers visiting and buying from your store will automatically boost your sales. In addition to increasing sales, a good sign and banner can increase brand visibility and recall value. So, if new customers don’t immediately walk into your store, they eventually will because of your brand’s strong recall value. Numerous consumer studies have proven that 35% of customers who didn’t know about a store before have, in fact, visited the same store as a result of its signage.

Save money.

Online marketing, flyers, billboards, newspaper advertisements, and yellow pages listings are expensive and can cause a significant dent in your advertising and marketing budget. Banners cost a fraction and can save you some serious money while providing an additional marketing channel for your business.

If you need signs and banners that will make your business stand out from your competitors, our banner printing services in San Antonio can provide you with perfect sign boards and banners.