Many times great looking and eye-catching banners compel us to call or visit a store to check out their offerings. Well, that is precisely what banners are intended for – get new customers to walk in through your doors. When it comes to designing and printing banners that make you stand apart from your competitors, there are a lot of basic, yet crucial factors to be considered. Unfortunately, these key design elements are often neglected even by the most experienced banner designers. When you get your design basics right, you can create attractive banners for your business that act as a magnet for new customers to visit your store.

Banner Making

Use large text: For banners to be effective, they need to be viewable and readable from a distance. Because of this, a good banner design uses large, readable text to ensure it is legible from afar and thus, serves its intended purpose. Banners using small – or more-often, too much – text is often unreadable and incomprehensible and is more likely to go unnoticed.

Keep your messaging simple: When designing banners, follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Smart), most often used strategy in marketing and advertising. Don’t crowd your banner with unnecessary copy and lengthy messages. This is because a banner needs to convey your marketing message in as little time as possible and most people will merely glance at a banner, not stop to read it fully. Only include content that is necessary and conveys your message in a simple, yet compelling way.

Include necessary information: This follows on from the earlier point. If your banner cannot be minimalistic (a few words or just a headline) and you want to include other supplementary information, be sure to include only necessary information. To do this, think about the outcomes you want to achieve with your banner – increasing brand visibility, promoting a new product range, a specific action you want prospective customers to take etc. The intended results should dictate the content of your banner. For example, if brand awareness is what you are aiming at, you only need to include your business logo and name. A clean, uncluttered banner works best.

Use high-resolution photos and graphics: Effective banners have the ability to attract eyeballs and using high-resolution graphics and photos are a guaranteed way of ensuring eye-catching banners.

If you need assistance in designing high-quality banners, our banner designing experts at Signs of San Antonio will convert your ideas and concepts into full-color proofs for your review. Contact us today for all your banner designing and printing requirements.