Sign company San Antonio

Signs are often a significant investment and it’s natural for investors to be curious about the expected durability & ways to add up to the longevity factor. As a widely-acclaimed sign company in San Antonio, we often come across a question about durability & best sign materials.

Well, there are several factors that need your attention. So, let’s get started and gain some clarity on life span & durability of sign materials.

Durability of Signs

Before finalising the material, it is important to study in detail how external elements can affect the sign. Factors like location, temperature, directional orientation, climate & maintenance make a big difference.  Maybe most importantly is the use of laminate to help protect against the elements and pollutants.  Gaining knowledge on this beforehand will give you a fair idea about choosing the best material for a long lasting outdoor or indoor sign material.

The Interactive Sign Material Guide

This guide is compiled with an aim to help you select the best suited sign material based on your requirements. We agree that multiple options make the selection process challenging & confusing, hence getting familiar with them beforehand can make a significant difference.

MDO Boards

Made from marine-grade composite, MDO boards are plywood panels overlaid with resin with the help of pressure and heat. These MDO panels are weather – resistant & can sustain water, pollutants & routine wear & tear for a longer duration. Packed with these features, MDO boards are a great option for bigger outdoor advertisements.  On average MDO boards tend to last between 5-12 years.


Aluminium is a durable outdoor material, as it does not rust. Available in various colors, this material is a popular choice, especially for parking, road, & real estate signs. On an average, aluminium signs last anywhere between 7 to 20 years.

Acrylic / Plexiglas

Often referred to as Plexiglas, acrylic sheets are manufactured using methyl methacrylate monomer and have exceptional mechanical, chemical resistant, physical & thermal properties.

These sheets are widely used for back-lit signs, for architectural interiors, and office lobby signs.


Made from nylon – reinforced vinyl material, banners are typically designed to accommodate graphics on a single side.   While the banner material is durable, it is still considered a short-term solution, with an expected life of 1-2 years given use.  Consider our HD banners if your needs require a longer-life.