commercial signs

Customers are exposed to a variety of ads daily. When indoors, media like TV, radio, newspaper,and magazines do their best to attract attention. When outdoors, there are billboards, banners and more waiting to receive their share of attention. But are you aware of what needs to be done to attract and stay in the minds of business prospects?

Outdoor signs

Whether a local eatery or a commercial business like a real estate firm or department store, signs need to earn their share of recognition. Experts at Signs of San Antonio have put together a consolidated list of do’s and don’ts to help you connect better with the target audience.


Understand your target customer                                                                                         

Several marketers only have a broad idea about the target market. But it is always a good practice to refine your parameters by understanding prospective customers in detail.

Before diving into any design or marketing decisions, it is important to consider the following questions.

  • Who is the target audience for your business?
  • What are the problems of the target audience?
  • How can your product or services solve them?
  • What is your target audience interested in? 

Consistent Messages

Would it be easy for you to remember McDonald’s if they changed the tagline or messages often? The answer is no. A consistent voice is a basic requirement to improve brand recognition. It is recommended to stick to the vision and mission of your business. If you do so, your brand recall rate will improve.

Keep the message short and to the point

Well, this trick is useful for advertising on billboards. Adding great images with a minimum word count between 6 to 8 words gives your audience a chance to read everything at a glance.

Get noticed without distraction

Outdoor advertising often is positioned for a moving crowd. Therefore, it is critical to create something that will attract attention and not distract the audience.


Say no to too much content

Too much content on outdoor signs is not worth it. Try keeping a balanced mix of images and concise content for better functionality of the ad. We recommend you focus more on brand identity.

Do not complicate

Remember outdoor signs are for people on the go.Therefore, keep it simple.


Do not finalize on a location for exterior signage before doing sufficient research. Signs often go unnoticed when placed at locations where vehicles move at a great speed. There are various other factors to consider like demographics and competition when choosing a location.