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Signage is effective!

We cannot deny that signs play an active role in marketing a business. Consistently involved in delivering information, signage helps businesses promote who they are, what they do, their offerings, and where they are located.

A well-conceptualized sign with great design and meaningful content will have a positive impact. On the contrary, when business signage is not maintained or strategized in the right way, it can do more harm than good.

Operating as a sign company in San Antonio for more than three decades, we have developed an eye to spot anything wrong with a sign. Since signage is meant to leave a lasting impression, it is important for every business to understand if their business signs are being ineffectual or even damaging.

Here are four signage issues that create more of a liability than an asset. Remember to act on them without delay.

Wrong Wording

Words are stronger than a sword, so use them carefully, especially when it’s business signage. Since one of the primary purposes is to display useful information and draw positive attention from the target audience, inappropriate wording can have a disturbing effect.

Incorrect Grammar

Incorrect use of the language on your sign makes a significant difference, enough to put potential customers off. People notice incorrect grammar and spelling and make a judgement about your business.

Since signs are a reflection of your business, make sure its spelling and grammar are accurate.

Worn-Out Signs

Fairly old signs or the ones exposed to harsh weather conditions on regular basis can lose their charm and ability to communicate. Cracked and peeling or faded signs convey a “cheapness” or willingness to cut corners.  Conversely, new, or well-made signs give a sense of permanence, reinvestment and professionalism.  Therefore, check on both indoor and outdoor signage regularly and replace as-needed for a more meaningful and fresh look.

Outdated Signs

What was popular 20 years ago probably will not have the same effect in the present. This is especially true with signage. Given our progress, various technologies and advancements have transformed the way signs look in the 21st century. So, to catch up with the modern world, get rid of outdated signage and invest in ones that reflect the times.

The first impression made by any signage is important. However, to make it work for your benefit, it is essential to involve professionals. At Signs of San Antonio, we understand the difference quality signage can make. Our experts work from scratch to help your business make that perfect impact.