Commercial Real Estate Signs

What is the use of investing in advertising and marketing activities if they don’t help you sell? And if we go back to the basics of a real estate business, the entire profit-making deal depends on how much you sell. So, the advertising medium you choose should reflect your business.

Whether you deal in commercial or residential real estate, signs can work as brand ambassadors. They can speak for and about your brand. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in designs and signage that convey this identity, and can clearly communicate. However, it is never recommended to leave it to chance. This is where the need for unique and practical real estate signs arises. Therefore, it is important to create signs that sell.

Real Estate Signs


Let’s Look at The Best Practices One by One

  • Never Compromise on Design – Here are elements to be considered

The design makes the basis of any signage. It is necessary to brainstorm and settle for a design that is unique and represents your business. Remember, it is always helpful, to begin with, the end in mind. Always review the design and check if it relates to your end goal. If not, do not hesitate to make several changes before you finalize the best one.

Pro tip – Do not try to design yourself – always hire – wand work with – professional designers.  In addition to providing you with concepts to choose from, they will be able to output your designs in all the needed formats (e.g. vectored) that you’ll need.

  • The Message

It is equally important to choose a message that helps covey the right essence of your business goals. Signs are the ultimate way to communicate with prospects. So, use words that are crisp, impactful in a convincing way. It is important to be clear. Ambiguity is ineffectual.

Pro Tip – Do not miss out on adding a call to action. Afterall what is the use of spending, if your prospects don’t have an idea about the ways to connect with you.

  • The Sign Type

There are various options available in the world of signage. Based on factors like location, budget, space and more, you can choose one or more from the types mentioned below.

o          Coroplast – inexpensive and great for short-term applications

o          MDO – sturdy and long-lasting; great for permanent, reusable applications

o          Window Clings – reusable decals that can easily be applied, removed and reapplied to windows

o          Custom banners – economical and great for temporary building signage

o          Block-out Patches – great for inexpensively covering up existing copy

  • Branding

Commercial real estate signs are an excellent form of outdoor advertising. At the same time, they can be best used to create brand awareness. To do so, make wise use of the business logo, brand colors and taglines if any.

Pro – Tip: Concise, legible designs will help customers remember your business for a long time.

  • The Readability Factor       

The primary intention of any signage is its ability to connect. If prospects can’t read what they see, the chances of a sale are lowered. To support your design, make sure to choose fonts that are readable.

Pro – tip: Use sans serif fonts.  Serif fonts – while sometimes appearing “fancier” – tend to be less legible and therefore less impactful.

  • Choose your sign manufacturer wisely.

The best-designed brand identity and sign design are worthless, without partnering with a sign company that can produce your signs to an exacting standard, using only quality media and materials.

 Pro – Tip: To get the most out of real estate signs, make sure to choose the most professional and reliable sign business. Their experience and expertise can change the complete game for you.