Commercial Vehicle Sign

Do not complicate your marketing strategy by making it too expensive.  Google AdWords and Facebook ads only go so far.  It is just as important to look around and make the most of what you have. Be it windows, walls, floor or vehicles. These inbuilt resources can work as the best marketing canvas for your business. We’ll tell you how.

Being in the signs industry for decades, we know one thing for sure: that vehicle graphics make a considerable impact on the overall business exposure and even earnings.   And this comes not from us, but from the feedback of our customers!  So why leave your commercial vehicles blank?

Today, the vehicle graphics industry in San Antonio has evolved significantly. With modern techniques and expertise in place, they can outfit your vehicles with unbelievable graphics that attract attention, and stand the test of time. Now all you need to think about is if your newly planned or existing vehicle graphic is making the required impact on the market?

Commercial Vehicle

Here are a few parameters then you can check in order to understand the results.


Creativity is the key to the success of any advertising project. Same is the case with vehicle graphics. Developing eye-catchy designs is the primary requirement. It is important for businesses and the graphics industry to differentiate one company’s design from another. This helps distract prospects from the competition.  So, never compromise on the creativity quotient.

Quality media

 This may be the most important consideration of all.   When it comes to vehicle graphics, there are countless varieties of print media the sign industry has at its disposal.  And despite the fact that there is very little to visually distinguish the difference amongst the media options, the cost varies greatly.  This leads to lesser sign companies to use cheaper material, which comes at the expense of customer when longevity is sacrificed.  Do not invest in a costly wrap without knowing what media is being proposed/used, and what warranty it has.


 It is always a good idea to practice uniformity. It is highly recommended to make use of the same graphics on all your vehicles. This will help you create a consistent brand. This will also help people recognize you better, by making them comfortable seeing your brand.

Using different vehicles graphics on different vehicles will create ambiguity and the chances of losing out on business will be increased. Remember, consistency is the key.

Less is Better

 Since a vehicle wrap gives more area, businesses often try to squeeze in a lot of design or information and make the entire project very confusing. Since, your prospects have very little time to take a good look at the advertisement, do not complicate it.

We hope the information above will help you with informed decisions on vehicle graphics. And if you seek more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our design experts.