Window Decals San Antonio

Ready to get started with the journey of customized signs to advertise your business? If the answer is yes, we are here to help you choose the best alternative. As an established sign company in San Antonio, we often come across customers who find it difficult to choose between window clings and window decals.

In the bigger picture, both these products offer similar benefits, as they promote a business based on the concept of full-color graphic design. However, they are two very different products, each unique with two different types of application/purpose. Let’s take a closer look and identify key features to be able to select the right one for your business.

The basic difference

 # Window Clings

  • They are easily removable
  • Window Clings make use of static electricity to stick to the inside of the window
  • They are easier to install (customers can usually do themselves)
  • They can be adhered to either side of the glass, but are usually applied to the inside, facing out
  • Only suitable for glass surfaces

# Window Decals

  • They can be placed on almost any smooth surface
  • Window decals use adhesive to stick on to a surface; the adhesive side is typically applied to the exterior of the glass, with the printed side facing out.

Both these options are available in full color, but window decals offers more flexibility when it comes to being custom cut into various shapes.  And both options are available using white media or clear.

Window Decals San Antonio

Should you choose window clings or decals?

Tt really comes down to duration, and decal design complexity.

#1. The Ad Campaign Duration

If your idea is to carry out short term ad campaigns or an event, window clings should be the right choice. Examples include commercial real estate companies use of clings to promote available retail space.  Easy to put up, easy to take down, AND reusable!  Since window clings don’t adhere as cleanly to the surface as decals, they’re better suited for short-term applications.

#2. Who is going to use the product?

Well, clients usually hesitate to do their own installations, for fear of ruining the decal.  In such scenarios, window cling works out to be a more workable option.

#3. Size/complexity of the graphic ad

If the size of the graphics design is big, window clings aren’t as suitable an option. However, if your ad is custom cut into intricate shapes or patterns, window decals are the better option, as it makes install possible due to the adhesive and holds the ad better on any chosen, smooth surface. Window clings can be custom cut, but are best limited to squares/rectangles, circles/ovals, triangles etc.

#4. Final Fit & Finish

Given the ease of install of window clings, there can be more instances of subtle bubbles (air pockets) in the media.  Since window decals are typically installed by a professional, the final product tends to look more professional and perfect.  Therefore, for more long-term store branding, window decals are the better option.

When you have answers to the questions mentioned above, it gets easier to make a choice. Window clings or window decals both make excellent options, and both serve their own purpose. So, no matter what you choose, either of them is an outstanding option to support your overall advertising  goals.