How a business looks and is presented can contribute highly to its overall success. Professional branding can go a long way to give your business that unique identity it deserves. And the right custom decals can make an unforgettable impression.

Businesses can choose from a wide range of products, from window decals to store-front decals, wall decals and more. But not every business is sure about what they want. We often come across businesses in San Antonio, who have various questions when it comes to finalizing custom decals. One of the major concerns we would address today covers the design aspect.

custom decals design

Here are top 5 tips to help you invest in the best custom decal design 

#1 –Size and shape

Yes, size and shape are what needs to be finalized at the beginning. There is no restriction choosing it, other than the “canvas size” – or area where the decal is to be placed.  A storefront window decal may be rectangular to fit the size of the window it’ll be placed, or it might be custom-cut to the shape of the businesses’ logo.

#2 – The Right Material

Stickers or decals are made available in a variety of materials. When finalizing them, it is important to ensure that the material is capable of serving the final purpose.  From low-tack media, to window clings, to clear decals, there are media for every design and application.  Remember, what you choose should be able to make an impact and invariably continue to look great.

#3 – The Decal Finish

Decals are available in various finishes. It is important to match the type with the requirement.

  • Rolls – This is one of the most popular types. It does not matter what business you are into, roll labels and decals are widely used to effortlessly brand products or promotional material.
  • Sheets – These stickers are a good enough option to be ordered in bulk. Often used by businesses as giveaways, they are a great multi-purpose solution.
  • Die – Cut singles – This is a great option when you want personalized stickers. Die – Cut labels remove the background so only the decal itself is applied.

#4 – The Right Design

Once the above parameters are taken care of, it makes more sense to work out the design. Digital options and design software have made it easier to play with creativity and come up with designs that can speak on behalf of your business. However, make sure to involve a design expert who can brainstorm and use his expertise and deliver a design that is unique and helpful.

#5 – Color and Background

Colors play a vital role. Hence, to make the final impact it is necessary to choose the color scheme in an intelligent manner. Many times using business colors make sense, as it helps your brand better. But along with that pay equal attention to the background and font.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind will help you perfectly customize decals that are an advantage to the business.