etched glass frosted vinyl

Etched vinyl on glass is a specialty product of sorts. Originally designed to mimic the look and effect of actually etching glass, etched-glass vinyl offers the same look, without needing to physically alter the glass, and at a fraction of the cost.  The results can be stunning.  And more and more businesses are seeing the appeal and having their own office glass done in etch. 

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For those unfamiliar with frosted vinyl for windows, here are 5 benefits it offers:

  1. Light diffusion: etched-glass vinyl helps diffuse – or soften – light, while not fully obscuring it.  Perfect for offices with glass exposure to the outside, frosted vinyl can diffuse sunlight to reduce its intensity and soften/reduce the glare.  This also helps eliminate harsh shadows.
  2. Provides a classy, professional look: it’s unanimous – frosted vinyl simply looks great and always works to dress-up the place!  Any time frosted vinyl is added to office spaces, you can almost guarantee people will agree it improves the look of the space.
  3. Privacy: while etched-glass vinyl is translucent – it allows for light to pass through – it is also opaque.  Meaning it is not transparent.  While general shapes and outlines of elements and figures can be seen through the vinyl, its opacity prevents seeing any details.  This is why etched-glass vinyl is used so commonly for glass conference room and office doors.  It enables light to pass through but offers an element of privacy as well.
  4. Can be contour-cut: using our wide-format printers and plotters, we can contour-cut any words, shapes or logos into the etched-vinyl itself.  This offers tremendous customization and design opportunities.  We will oftentimes cut businesses’ logos into the vinyl to make it unique, while also allowing for some visibility through the vinyl. 
  5. Hides unflattering views: similar to offering privacy – and preventing people from seeing in – etched vinyl’s opacity is also great for the reverse: preventing those from seeing out.  In certain circumstances, it’s the view outside that’s unappealing you want to hide.  By applying frosted vinyl to the windows, anything unsightly outside is an issue no more!

So now that you know the benefits of etched-vinyl on glass, why not reach out to a company that specializes in its manufacturing and installation?  Contact Signs of San Antonio to see how we can transform your office space into a classy, functional space destined to impress!