Flex Face San Antonio

Flex face signs are used for extra large outdoor signs for store fronts, retail parks, and other large pole signs. The material is composed of tensioned flexible PVC that is similar to the skin of a drum. The flex face can be printed on a much larger scale, using PVC to create one seamless piece. The material is a durable, flexible substrate that is dirt resistant and has a smooth, glossy surface. Flex faces are generally known as “skins” within the industry.

Flex face signs consist of a lightweight aluminum box that is available in two forms, namely, illuminated frames and non-illuminated frames. Illuminated frames have PVC banner skin specifically for backlit applications. This translucent frame allows light to illuminate the flex graphics.  It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Non-illuminated frames consist of two elements, the frame and the clip-on cover. They are popular due to their durability, strength, and robust quality. They are mostly used in airports and in stadiums.

Features of flex face signs:

  • Available in virtually unlimited sizes and designs
  • Durable and relatively cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Bright Illumination

Where can Flex Face Signs be used?

 Flex Face signage systems are mainly used outdoors; however, they can be used for indoor purposes, if needed. They are exceptionally versatile and can be used in the following places:

  • Pole Signs
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail Parks
  • Mobile Units
  • Sports Stadiums/Facilities
  • Airports
  • Train Stations and Bus Stations
  • Casinos

Whether you have an illuminated or non-illuminated cabinet, Signs of San Antonio is here to supply Flex Face sign in San Antonio, to suit your requirements. We provide high-quality production and installation of all types and sizes of flex face sign faces. For more information, please contact us.