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Coroplast is short for corrugated plastic, and is a low-cost substrate used for short-term sign applications.  Think of it as plastic cardboard – it has similar thickness and sturdiness and, like cardboard, has “flutes”, or ridges that provide support, and also allow for the insertion of wire step stakes, which are often used as the install option of choice for “yard signs”.  Yard signs are just coroplast signs usually cut to 18”x24” in size and ordered in bulk.

While coroplast signs are suitable for outdoor installs, they are still considered “short-term” signs.  The life expectancy is about a year or so.  Therefore, coroplast should not be considered for longer-term applications.

Coroplast - Signs of San Antonio

That said, the low-cost trait of coroplast makes them an appealing option for anyone on a budget.  So here we examine if coroplast is right for your business, and the times and applications it makes sense.

As stated, coroplast is the sign option of choice for yard signs, and yard signs are low-cost, short-term signs designed for maximum impact over a short period of time.  So, for any businesses wanting to promote a new product or special, and have it produced in quantities of hundreds or even thousands, then coroplast yard signs make an appealing option.  Keep in mind however that most municipalies require permits for these signs and they will be removed if found without the requisite permit.

The next most common use of coroplast is for 4’x8’ political signs.  So, if you’re in the marketing business or tasked with promoting a politician, then coroplast is the perfect option for low-cost, short-term signage.

Finally, coroplast is sometimes the only option available for some budgets.  For new businesses, or struggling businesses, sometimes coroplast is used for their storefront signs because some signs are better than no signs.  Given the shorter-term life expectancy of coroplast, we don’t normally recommend coroplast for storefront or permanent signage, but if it’s coroplast or nothing, then coroplast it is!

So now that you know a little bit more about coroplast and its uses, you can determine whether it’s the right sign option for your business.  And if you decide it is, why not reach out to a company that is a leader in coroplast signage?  Contact Signs of San Antonio to see what we can propose for you!