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It’s true: there are a lot of signs out there. There are many businesses in SanAntonio with storefronts and space, all trying their best to build their brand and get customers attention. So in a sea of signs on busy San Antonio streets, it’s easy to blend in with the rest, and go unnoticed. To help avoid this from happening to your business, keep these five factors in mind.

signs san antonio

Size matters – The larger the sign, the more easily notices it’ll be, and conversely, the smaller the size the more likely it’ll go unnoticed. When it comes to sizing signs, it’s easy to make the mistake of sizing too small. The reason is depth perception. When one sizes a 4’x8’ sign in front of them, the size will seem huge, and plenty sufficient.  But make no mistake, once that sign is installed up on a pole, or building storefront, etc., it’ll appear to shrink in size and be far smaller than you remember. So avoid going too small, and instead user markers where the sign is to go to determine the size you want it to be.

Colors – Using brighter colors will be more easily seen and noticed than dull or drab colors. With most businesses, colors can be a moot point, as marketing specifications can dictate exact colors with no room for manipulation, but that doesn’t mean non-logo elements to the sign can’t be made to appear vibrant and bright.

Simple design – This may be one of the most commonly seen flaws to business signs designed by customers. Since business signs are not inexpensive, it is common for owners to want to “maximize” the space by cramming as much content into the surface area as possible. For example, instead of sticking with simply the logo, people can tend to want to add their services and address etc., to the point that font size is reduced and there is so much clutter it makes the sign virtually illegible. So keep the font/letter sizes large and the message simple for a more noticeable sign.

Lights – For any sign that must be seen at night, this is an obvious consideration. Whether you use an off-sign light that casts light back on the sign, or use interior illuminated letters, light can help your business’ sign stand out.

Contrast – Whether dealing with the sign substrate against the façade, or the letters or elements of the sign against the substrate, you want to aim for contrast to help the sign stand out. Contrast the variation in color and light of two elements. For example, avoid using grey letters for a sign made of mill-finished aluminum. Or light tan 3-dimensional letters on a stucco building. Generally speaking, higher contrast signs will help your sign stand out from the rest.

So now that you understand some of the factors that help business signs stand out and get noticed, why not reach out to a company that specializes in business signage? Contact Signs of San Antonio to see what we can propose for you!