Frameless Displays San Antonio

Frameless displays are a relatively new and unique way to display photos.  Unlike traditional photographic displays, wherein the photo is the top-most surface and mounted onto materials, frameless displays are photos face-mounted onto premium, clear acrylic panels. 

While difficult to explain exactly how, mounting the photo to the backside of the acrylic piece, and having the photo appear behind the clear, glossy surface, photos tend to take on an extra vibrant and professionally crisp appearance.  It’s a display that really must be seen in person to experience the full effect.

Frameless Displays San Antonio

Often mounted onto stand-offs – which keeps the acrylic panel slightly off the wall surface – frameless displays are accentuated by the round or square hardware.

Frameless displays are difficult – and not inexpensive – to produce.  To make a frameless display, there are essentially three parts.  The photo, which should begin as a high-resolution file, sufficient for enlargement to the desired size, is printed using a professional ultra-wide photo printer using archival grade paper and inks.  From there the photo is mounted to an optically clear, double-sided adhesive media.  The final piece is a premium clear acrylic sheet that acts as the outer shell.  The optically clear media gets sandwiched between the acrylic and the photo print.

Depending on the size of the photo and the look one’s looking to achieve, the acrylic used for frameless displays come in various thicknesses, but the most common are ¼” and 3/8” thick.  The edges of the acrylic can then either have no bevel, or quarter bevel or full-bevel finishes.  The edges are then usually polished to create a glossy, finished look. So, the next time you have a photo you really want to stand out and be impressive, consider gorgeous frameless displays.