banner printing San Antonio

Trade shows are a big deal!  Every year there are hundreds of tradeshows that give all kinds of various companies the venue to put their best foot forward and profile and promote their latest products and services.  And at each of these tradeshows there are usually dozens and dozens (if not hundreds and hundreds!) of companies – just like yours – vying to be noticed and heard!  The problem is how do you stand out from the crowd and not go unnoticed!?  The short answer is being equipped with displays and promotional items.  Here we’ll profile four options that every company should consider for their next tradeshow.  The best part is we’ll focus on the more cost-effective, economical options:

banner printing San Antonio
  1. Pop-up Banners (also known as roll-up or retractable banners) are probably the most common and most economical option.  Popular for their portability and price, pop-up banners are usually between 30” and 48” wide and stand between 6’ and 8’ tall; but will roll up (hence the name) into their stand, which typically come with a travel case.  This option consists of a standard gloss or matte banner, and the retractable banner stand.
  2. Step and Repeat (also known as pop fabric) displays are an excellent choice for a backdrop given their size and ability to stand alone.  Using a printable fabric surface, you can have conveyed the message you want on the surface, while the interior/back is made of a collapsible interlocking framework that can collapse down for portability.  While not as small and compact as pop-up banners, step and repeat displays offer more display real estate while still preserving the ability to collapse and transport.
  3. Table Throws (also know as table banners or table-top displays) are a hugely popular option.  Given either your team will be seated at the table, or you’ll have your companies wares on display, your customers will be naturally drawn to the table where you can convey your brand and/or message.  Ultra-portable and economical, table throws are ubiquitous at trade shows.
  4. Backdrop Banners (also known as step and repeat), back drop banners are typically banners that measure at least as much width as height (say 8’-10’ wide by 8; high, and are held in place with a telescoping banner stand.  Sort of a more cost-effective and transportable step and repeat frame display, back drop banners have no depth and don’t look as professional or sturdy as their counterpart.

So, for your company’s next tradeshow, make sure you don’t go unnoticed and use any combination of the above to make a statement!  Signs of San Antonio can recommend and price each of these options so you know your options and can  make the choice that best suits your needs.