storefront graphics san antonio

One thing common for restaurants and retailers is that their storefronts are often dominated with glass.  At the very least most have windows in the front of their establishments.  This glass serves a very important second purpose: it offers a “palette” for which graphics can be applied to convey any number of messages or content.

Here we examine five of the possible benefits and types of storefront graphics, and why you should consider these for your business.

  1. Company name and business hours – probably the most common and cost-effective use of graphics for any business.  Almost always a fixture for any business, a simple company logo and list of their business hours is essential information.  Usually done with contour-cut white vinyl, these can be applied inside or out.  For a classier more professional look, consider etched-glass vinyl.
  2. List of products / services – don’t limit your palette to just your name and hours.  Businesses with lots of storefront glass can use that space to list products and services, show photos, and more.  Also, can be applied inside or out.
  3. Privacy and heat reduction – sometimes it’s not advantageous to permit those outside to see inside.  In these cases, consider full-print window graphics to cover the entire window space.  The only downside and no one can see in, and no one can see out.  To preserve the ability to see out, consider perforated media.  This media has tons of tiny holes that allow those inside to see out, while those outside only see what’s printed on the media.  This option is also great as blocking the sun’s rays and helps reduce heat as a result.
  4. Brand retention and legitimacy – one benefit of window graphics is that it helps build brand recognition.  In short, businesses that have branded storefronts are more easily remembered by passersby.  And those that are branded help convey an element of legitimacy.
  5. Sophistication and class – consider using etched-glass (aka frosted) vinyl to add a more professional, higher class look.

So now that you know some of the benefits of using storefront window graphics and decals for your business, why not let Signs of San Antonio show you some concepts and price your options?  As a leader in storefront graphics, Signs of SA can walk you through the process and help recommend the best options for your needs.