wall mural for office

Most people know that art in the workplace helps businesses address critical challenges like reducing stress, increasing creativity, brainstorming ideas, and encouraging opinions. Art also plays a vital role in setting the tone of the culture the business promotes in the office. For visitors, it often makes an external impression and may also attract business. Art that is displayed in offices is usually a depiction of the business’s personality and can be utilized as a great branding tool. Do you own a business and want to give your office an artsy feel by adding innovative and attractive murals? If yes, Signs of San Antonio will do the job for you. Be rest assured; we guarantee it’s worth every investment. Outlined are a few mural ideas/designs which you could use in your San Antonio office.


  1. Ultimate Branding

If your company’s name is easily perceptible, go ahead and splash it across walls and on furnishings. These types of murals are fun, bold and can quickly attract viewer’s attention. The decor around you will make you feel at ease and not make you think you in the office.


  1. Mural in Circles

Another innovative way to create an image that is stylish and stands out from being average is to use only a part of the wall rather than the whole wall. A round image strategically placed on a wall will create an illusion that you’re being presented to take a glance inside the office’s inner works, rather than plainly viewing the art.


  1. Single statement and multi-dimensional color

If your office/business has a tagline, then we think it’s the best idea to consider advertising it on the walls to keep it in front of everyone. This kind of wall mural is powerful as it consists of a single phrase, but the size, color, font, and placement give it an extra punch to the viewers. Also, not all murals need to have some image; blocks of colors that vary in depth when pieced together on the wall create a lot more magic than ever.


    4 Digital Design

You can create a unique and captivating mural at your workplace by mixing digital imagery with nature. Digital design is an innovative and powerful way to make a wall statement that can be inspected and interpreted in numerous ways. When such wall murals in San Antonio are viewed they should reflect the business’s personality while giving inspiration to the viewers.


  1. Inset Mural designs

Inset mural designs are another way to add a whole lot of elements to your office walls, but without entirely covering them with descriptions. You can select numerous large panels to showcase the images at intervals instead. Plain black walls can bound these multicolored panels to make them stand out even more. We advise you to pick pictures that motivate your workforce and light them up to call extra attention to them. 


We hope the above office wall mural décor ideas will help you beautify your office interiors.


To get more impressive and decorative ideas on wall murals for your business, Call Signs of San Antonio today!