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When it comes to making yourself seen in a congested retail world, one must consider how to design their storefront graphics in such a way as to both make them attractive as well as seen. 

Storefront Window Decals

Here are five tips to consider:

  1. Use bright, vibrant colors.  It’s true: our eyes are drawn to vibrant, catchy colors.  Using bright colorful graphics will help ensure customers don’t overlook your storefront graphics
  2. Use clean, sans serif fonts.  Sans serif fonts are fonts without end cap or unnecessary design elements at the end of the stroke.  Examples of sans serif fonts include Arial or Helvetica.  Whereas examples of serif fonts include Times New Roman.  The reason is that serifs – while adding complexity and fanciness to fonts – tend to make fonts less legible.  Therefore, sticking with sans serif fonts will help make the storefront graphics easier read from a distance.
  3. Use high contrast.  Contrast is the relative difference in appearance from one element to another.  So if your graphics are going onto a white background you’ll want to use black, red or blue graphics versus, say, yellow.  And since many storefronts are made of dark tinted glass, consider using white, yellow, or any other light-colored graphics to help them stand out.
  4. Go big!  This is may seem obvious, but the larger the graphics, the further away they can be read.  Be aware of where your audience will view your storefront from, and make sure you use a font size that is sufficient in size to be seen from that distance.
  5. Less is more.  It’s maybe the most true one of all.  Too often, businesses will try and cram too many words or too much content onto their storefront.  And this comes at the expense of being able to process or read, all of it.  Keep it simple.  Stick to your logo, hours, and maybe a few products or services offered, but shy away from trying to add more than that; so the storefront graphics remain concise, digestible portions of content.

So now that you understand some of the factors that help business storefront graphics stand out and get noticed, why not reach out to a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing?  Contact Signs of San Antonio to see what we can propose for you!