Foamboard San Antonio

Foamboard signs are very popular in the office space and make sure great interior sign displays for a variety of reasons. It’s virtually weightless and made of a polystyrene foam core coated with a bright white paper stock. It makes a great mounting board for presentations, photos, and posters.

Foamboard can be scored and folded for three-dimensional work, and with an easel-back, can be made to stand up straight on their own. The standard foam board is 3/16″ (5 mm) thick, and is white, although it is also available in black.

Foamboard San Antonio

Here, we’ll dive into three of the main benefits of foamboard signs:

1.      For starters, foamboard signs have a smooth, bright white finish, which makes for a perfect surface to print on and convey your message. Unlike coroplast, for example, which has ridges where the flutes run, foamboard signs are perfectly smooth and flat. And their clean bright finish makes text appear crisp ad legible, and colors seem to have extra pop.

2.      Transportability – foamboard signs are very lightweight, which makes them ideal for stacking to transport. Most often, companies will order several foamboard signs as part of a presentation, or to offer temporary directional signage, or for trade show displays, so their light-weight properties means several can be stacked and carried and yet not be too cumbersome to carry. (while foamboard signs come in 4’x8’ sheets, the most common foamboard signs are ordered in 24”x36”, 18”x24” and 30”x40” sizes, but we can custom cut to any size.)

3.      Cost – foamboard signs are some of the most economical signs available. As cheap as $11 for a 24”x36” sign (with volume discounts), an order of multiple signs can be ordered for way less than most other options.

So now that we’ve examined three of the benefits of foamboard signs, there are some considerations to keep in mind. For one, foamboard signs are for interior use only. They cannot get wet or exposed to the elements. If you need temporary weather-resistant economical signs, go with coroplast instead. Secondly, foamboard signs are relatively fragile – their corners can tend to fray or bend if knocked against a surface, and the larger sizes also tend to slightly warp or bow. For a more durable, stiffy option consider upgrading to gatorfoam.