Large format photo printing

It’s a common misconception in a digital age that print is dead! In truth, large format photo prints are one of the best ways to view photos. Wide format printers have evolved significantly and are a big investment for any company. Depending on the size and technology, these printers have a hefty price tag. As such, relying on a professional sign manufacturing company like Signs of SA will help your business reach a wider audience, at a cost you can afford.

Impact of Large Photo Prints

Large photo prints for businesses

Large photo prints are used in businesses for advertising and marketing perspectives.  Given their relative low cost, they are also ideal for displays in corporate meetings.

Large format photo prints are also impressive advertising tools to display products and services inside storefronts. Today, organizations realize the benefits of large format printing and thus, are in search of companies that can provide them with quality photo printing services.

Making the Photo Prints Better

As a renowned sign manufacturing company, Signs of SA uses state-of-the-art technology to print digital files. To increase the durability of prints in every weather condition, the company uses the best photo pigment inks that are UV resistant and are exceptionally fade resistant. Made of high quality materials, these photo prints achieve high impact image quality and looks. Due to its wide range of possible applications, coupled with their relative low cost, large format photo prints are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some of the situations where large format photo prints are used:

Corporate Design: Large format prints are used in businesses, for both advertising and marketing activities. The availability of quality printable material, helps photo printing companies deliver their best in making corporate identity stronger.

Exhibition Design: Large format prints are also used in designing trade fair counters. A trade fair counter can be spiced up with roll up displays and flags. Large prints which are placed on the ceiling and floor of the exhibition hall, helps to contribute to your business.

Events: Large format prints are considered a big source of advertising at events. Events are the latest marketing trend for the launch of any product or service. With large prints, you can enhance your impressiveness at the event.

If you’re interested in using large print photos to promote your business or event, contact us. Let us show you how our high-quality large-format printing services can enhance your business.